« I Would Love to Make Her Radiate »

« For the Girl in Quiberon »
« For the Girl on the Turkish Market »
« For the Girl in Wainuiomata »
« For the Girl in Café Advena »
« For the Girl in Venice »
Designed & Sewn by the Artist

Lace - Sophie Hallette
Silks - Tissages Perrin


In what appears like a quirky sideline at first sight, Björnsson has perfected his skills as a lingerie maker for this series of works. While seeking out the fabrics, the lace and the ribbons and designing the shape of two-piece underwear, he has a particular woman in mind he met at some stage in the past. A process of perfectionist craftsmanship is distilled from what may have been no more than a moment of infatuation. The result is displayed on fur in an oak vitrine and dedicated to the distant beloved.
As with Björnsson’s compulsive approach to images found on the Web, he highlights fleeting moments in his past, holding on to them and working with them to create his own reality. Together with the distinct title the result suggests a narrative of nostalgia and affection and quite possibly also of melancholia and obsession, a conflict constellation not uncommon in Björnsson’s work.