« My Most Beautiful Keira »


Collage of DIN A4 Ink-jet Prints
320 x 240 cm


The image used is
of Keira Knightley and
found on the internet

Photographer unnamed.

Courtesy of the internet.


This photograph of the actress Keira Knightley is perfect in terms of the criteria that Björnsson is looking for in pictures as he trawls the Internet: a beautiful starlet poses in a thoroughly stylized framework aimed at creating a kind of pseudo privacy. Wearing low-rise jeans and an unbuttoned blouse that she holds together with one hand, Knightley appears to be in a sensual mood. She is about to come into a room, stands in the doorway holding the curtains to one side and looks into the camera. Any man would be proud to have captured his girlfriend in such an intimate mood. This picture however is part of an archive of public portraits of the actress, which is dispersed among magazines and Web sites to sustain her career and celebrity status. Björnsson downloads this single image from the Internet and manipulates it, so as to be able to print it out in a wall-size format on a stack of DIN A4 sheets without leaving his studio..