« My Shannyn »



« Sunday Morning 1 & 2 »
« Before the Picnic 1 & 2 »

Collages of DIN A4 Ink-jet Prints
245 x 200 cm

« After the Decisive Days 1 - 4 »

Collages of DIN A4 Ink-jet Prints
120 x 87 cm



« After the Decisive Days »

Pencil Tracing
DIN A3 +

All images used are of
Shannyn Sossamon and
found on the internet.

Photographers unnamed.

Courtesy of the internet.


From the wide range of pictures available on the Internet of the actress Shannyn Sossamon Björnsson focuses on a few that exist as sets from the same sittings. More than one image taken on the same occasion provides the notion of a sequence or a miniature narrative and undermines the autonomy of the single image. The multiple pictures are consolidated into one idea in the mind of the viewer, perhaps making it possible for a more genuine, a more personal portrayal of that person to emerge. Björnsson’s shift from a brief session in front of the computer to a longlasting relationship with the images suggests a story of love, worship or even obsession. Within the solitude of his studio, he meticulously enhances the quality of the source material, prints each image out as numerous small fragments to be reassembled on the wall. Similarly, he works extensively on some images with a pencil, tracing them through a transparent sheet of paper.