« Ris Kaktusanna » /

« Das Dachgeschoss der Kakteen » /

« The Cactus Ceiling »


Newspaper Cut-out


Collage of B/W DIN A4 Laser-jet Prints
180 x 480 cm


Burned Laser-jet Print


All images used are
of Winona Ryder.
Photographers unnamed.
The image used 1994 is cut-out
of Morgunnblaðið.
The images used 1996 and 1997
are found on the internet.
Courtesy of the internet.


Björnsson’s title for his collage of images found on the Internet of the actress Winona Ryder is remarkable for its overtones of domestic privacy. In the dawn of public Internet access the Web was already swamped with pop culture trivia. This foreshadowed the potential inherent in this particular side of the Web as an extension of the yellow press of reaching beyond the living- and bedrooms of the masses and into the minds of the users. Björnsson acted on this idea already in 1996, collecting all the images that appealed to him of the beautiful actress, printing them and assembling them into a personal archive of infatuation. While he went on to develop this process ever further both in terms of technology and of highlighting the notion of privacy through the personal tone in his work titles, the basic interest underpinning his Internet based work has stayed the same: it is not the person that Björnsson is concerned with but their fleeting image.