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Digital Photography
Ink-jet Prints
38 x 50 cm 


A portrait photograph of the actress Natalie Portman looking somewhat melancholically into the camera, printed on standard DIN A4 paper. Folded and put into an envelope together with a small strip of adhesive tape, it fits into a shirt breast pocket, making it possible for the owner to keep it close to his heart during the day. At night, he unfolds it and sticks it to the wall next to his pillow. In the morning – after a night with Natalie by his side – he takes a picture of the scene.
The photo series documents the different locations where this private ritual takes place. It will continue to grow over the years. Björnsson’s use of the celebrity’s web photo makes it part of real life, treating it almost as you might treat the picture of a loved one. Responding to the staged intimacy of Natalie’s picture he sets up another private universe and allows the dialogue between the performative and the narrative nature of photography to continue.